Welcome to our wiki, Documentation will only be worked on for our 1.11.2 + modpacks.

If you would like to contribute please visit, https://github.com/Beyond-Reality/beyondrealitygaming.com/tree/master/pages/02.Mod-Pack's

The formatting is pretty straight forward to make a new page or to edit a existing one. For every new document you need to nest it inside a folder. This adds the slug and link to the side menu of the Wiki. Every folder needs a markdown file labled docs.md inside of it. Which will contain all the text displayed inside the slug/link. At the top of each markdown file (docs.md) you need to add some YMAL matter to make it all function.

You can copy and paste this for the most part

title: Insert name here!
published: true
    markdown: true
    twig: false
routable: true
cache_enable: true
visible: true

To edit any existing pages you can ether find them by looking through the files within our github repo or clicking on the top right "Edit this page" button which will bring you directly to the github repo file destination. Please make a pull request and submit your changes. Once accepted the syncing between github and our website is handled automaticly.

More to come about our in game documentation layout and editing.