Core Features

Custom Progression *

Farscapes Utilizes Skillable and Custom Achievements to bring the player a balanced progression through the pack, You will have to fight your way through monsters of the night to gain experience to unlock more knowledge and skills. Overcome the many challenges to unlock a vast amount of achievements perfectly balanced for any type of player.

Amazing World Generation

By default FarScapes worlds are populated by vast mountains, flowing streams, beautiful forest, breath taking hills and so much more. We accomplish this with the Realistic Terrian generation world type along side Biomes O plenty to give it just the right amount of diversity.

One of a kind Ore Generation

Over the years we here at BeyondReality have played with a lot of different types of ore generation. For Farscapes we have taken what was good from thoughts designs and left behind the bad. What we came up with is a unique ore generation system that works. all of which is possible because of our custom made core mod designed and coded by Buuz135. This type of ore generation forces the player to explore and rewards them greatly. It is also not grindy and you don’t have to dig in the center of 9 chunks to find it. Thanks to indicators that sometimes spawn on the surface of each vein. Exploration is a part of Farscapes and if you plan to find ores you will need to start a journey!

Small tweaks to keep it Beyond

While most know Beyond Reality for its hardcore approach to mod packs. Farscape’s was designed to keep its overall tweaks to a minimum. We limited ourselves to config changes and adding custom stuff. While we do have a optional suggested hard mode for the pack, It is not required and can be played as a run of the mill normal kitchen sink pack with a few minor config changes here and there. none of the packs hard mode is based on Mine Tweaker micro crafting. So most scripts will only include fixes and possible further mod to mod quailtiy of life integrations.

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